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Frans Aeyelts CSPWC – Testimonials

I have been a watercolour art student under the tutelage of Frans for several years. Starting with no experience in this discipline, he made me welcome in his classes. He instills confidence in his students. Frans provides the help and guidance to be able to accomplish something from my humble beginnings. His teaching studio provides a great environment to practice and learn. He is such an accomplished artist that he inspires his students to tackle more difficult art pieces and makes it fun in the process. I look forward with enthusiasm to his classes every summer.
Patricia Stephenson – Riverport, Nova Scotia

Frans' workshop in Yellowknife was delivered with patience and good humour, using varied subject matter which was tailored to our local landscape. His hand-outs enabled us to create our own versions of the pictures at our leisure. The class demonstrations and individual assistance have helped me to adopt a looser style of painting, using plenty of water and letting the paint work its magic. I feel inspired to continue to work with watercolours as I have gained more confidence in my technique. Thank you, Frans!

Frans epitomizes the words patience, graciousness and knowledge. He offers each class member the support needed to build confidence. He shares his drawing skills, watercolour techniques and has the ability to communicate & teach these to you. I have learned so much from Frans and attending his classes is something I look forward to each week. So my recommendation is, if you are considering drawing and painting "don't think about it, do it" you have so much joy ahead of you. Watercolour is an exciting and sometimes challenging medium but the rewards are worth it . Frans Aeyelts is the teacher and artist that will make your goals possible!
Marlene Rockandel
Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

If you are thinking about taking a watercolour painting workshop, take one with Frans. His workshops are great fun and I always come away with enthusiasm and motivation to do more painting. Frans gives you lots of instruction, attention and has great patience to show you his techniques.
I have been fortunate to be able to go on two European painting trips with him. I enjoyed every bit of them and completed three or four pictures while away.
Respectively submitted by Marilyn Brett

Frans Aeyelts is an excellent teacher and a gifted artist. His workshops are carefully prepared and organized with wonderful detailed student notes. I have been impressed with his patience and generosity in sharing his expertise and talent in a diversity of drawing and watercolor techniques.
Elisabeth Hulshoff

Frans is an energetic teacher in his Lunenburg studio classroom. In the small group I joined, he listens to his students' goals, then discovers what his students think their key weaknesses are, that are impeding their improvement in drawing and watercolour technique. Together they work on those weaknesses, e.g. planning the composition; understanding perspective; suitable colours, whatever; then move on to putting what is learned into practice, by painting a landscape under his watchful eye. Each student can work on his/her own subject, and progress at their own pace. His in-class painting demos are very helpful, since he can execute a fine painting by making appropriate choices at each step in the process, in remarkably little time!
Marilyn Mullett

I have been an art student of Frans Aeyelts for some five years. Over that time under his tutelage I have gained competence and immense satisfaction in watercolour painting. Frans is sensitive to the needs of his students in providing complete instruction for each of his projects. Frans is a delight to work with, he always ensures that each student leaves his class satisfied and with a complete painting.
Sue Robinson, Bedford NS